Monday, January 16, 2012

Way to go Kaylyn!

Kaylyn had her first basketball games of the season this weekend. She cheered at 2 and played in one. Her Daddy took her to the cheer games I had the other two girls. Then we meet them at the Girls Basketball game she played in. It was awesome her team didn't win but they played hard. Kaylyn scored the only two points for her team. AWESOME! Her first basket in a game ever! They managed to hold the other team for the first half but being it was the first game they got tired in the second half.

Kaylyn, Kevin(her daddy) and Cameron(her uncle,my brother) went paint balling Sunday to celebrate their birthdays. They all have birthdays in January.  Cam has 2 bruises, Kevin has 2, and Kaylyn has 4. But they all want to go back.

Reace does not like Bball games. Whistles, Buzzers, and just gyms in general are too loud for her. She decided to go to lunch and shopping with my Nanny and my cousin. They also went shopping so she had a new pair of earring and BFF bracelets when I got home. She had a great time so all were happy.

We are once again in the process of redoing the craft room. This time we will get it right. As we sell off furniture we can't use we hit Ikea and get the right stuff to get us organized and help us create a more functional room for Crafting. Hopefully we can get it right soon!   Check back for more updates!

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