Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My babies are growing up!

I spent the night at the meeting for Brandenburg Middle School. It is the Classical Center so you have to be invited.  In just a few short months she will Graduate from Elementary school. In three weeks she is turning 11. Time just flies by. She already thinks she is bigger than she is. She had so much fun tonight walking through the school. To get in she has to apply and be chosen. They sent out around 4000 invites. I am just praying for God to put her in the school that is right for her.

 Next week My baby turns 2! I am working on her a Minnie mouse dress to take pictures in. Just another day in the life of a mommy. In a few short years she will be in Elementary school. If she makes it! Just caught her sticking things in the outlet AGAIN!! She is a 24-hr-a-day-stare-at-her-only job! The other two were angels compared to her!

My sister made the cutest hat for my nephew today it is a fleece cap with a fleece mohawk. Super cute. We are just a crafty bunch around here! ;-)  Hopefully I can post so pics tomorrow!

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Grandmommy said...

Happy Birthday big girl and baby girl.Love you.