Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arkansas and the Last Dr Pepper

Fairfield Bay Marina, AR
 We went on vacation last week for Spring Break. We went
 to Fairfield Bay, AR. 
We fed the fish in the Marina. Played some Mini Golf.
Made bows every night. The only craft I took. I couldn't take the sewing machines . ( They wouldn't let me). 

Making the Bows go Mama

I went through 200 clippies. They aren't all on bows yet. but they will be. 

All the Bows
Clippies for bows
We went up to Mountain View, AR and up to the Blansard Springs Caverns. So pretty! Amazing what is under the ground and you don't even know.
Blanshard Caverns, Fifty-six, AR
 Which brings me to the Friday before we left and I decided to go on the 8/10 of a mike nature hike with my Dad, Kaylyn and Reace. Which turned in to a longer hike after they decided to go off trail to get a closer look at the falls. but that wasn't the bad part. It was when we got back and I looked at the photos of me.

The hike
SOOOOO BBBAAADDDD!!!!!! Which led me to a realization that I really need a lifestyle change. So after a chat with my Brother in law  (who is a personal trainer in the D.C. area and was just asking about his nieces when I unloaded on him LOL Poor Chris) has led me to this........

the last Dr Pepper

Not sure I can but I am going to try my hardest to be good. and I will post a picture each week to watch the shrinkage. LOL Next week will be another new change to step up the lifestyle changes and increase my new healthy lifestyle.