Monday, September 29, 2014

Busy Fall with my "sporty" girls

Reace at the Saturday night game

Kay at her Friday Night game
 They all have things going this fall so we are busy every night of the week but it is so fun! I love to see the enjoying what they do. (Reace was happy the flash on my camera stunned her a little. )
Pizza after the game

Thursday, September 18, 2014

and another year goes by

I always plan to blog and then can't think of a thing to say. :) Today it is just a collections of things My Princess and I have been doing since here big sisters returned to school
Cloud Dough.
Today we made  Cloud Dough form a recipes we found on a blog. Now I don't even know which blog I saw it on first but it was super easy. I used 7 cups of Flour, 1 cup of baby oil, 2 sticks of ground up sidewalk chalk to add some color, and some blue glitter (because everything is better with glitter) mix it all up and put it in a box for her to play with.

She started Dance

LOTS of Selfies
I made her a new dress

Arboretum with friends!

Post it girl!
Lots of selfies together
 We have done 7 letters so far!

Putting her letters in the jar

Letter Z day

Friday, September 20, 2013

My sweet Reace

She is spending her evening painting her grandmommy and mommy's nails.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A horrible hilarious thing that happened today!

I told the big girls ( as I call K and her friend)  I would take them to the Grand opening of five below today! Ok truthfully I just love that store and used the excuse of taking them so I could go back with out seeming obsessed. LOL

I being nice invited Kevin to go with us. He being obsessed with the state of my van climbed into the back to clean it out while we waited on the girls.

The jump in as Kaylyn is opening the sliding door he screams 'Boo!" LOL It was so funny. (Yes we are the mean parents)  L (Kaylyn's friend) climbs in the front and closes the door. ( She gets the front seat in the afternoons. (Kaylyn has it in the mornings) We have a system. Kaylyn calmly says "L, open the door my hand is inside."

Kaylyn had grabbed the door frame to get in and L not realizing it shut the door. I start snapping and saying "open the door, Open the door" the door opens Kaylyn takes her hand flips it over looks at both side and just shrugs her shoulders and gets in! The door shut across the middle of her hand and only one finger is a tiny bit bruised.

So we are all laughing because Kay isn't hurt and is just so calm! It was greatness.
cute baskets and trash cans

Monday, September 9, 2013

Happiness at three

So easy to make my baby girl smile. A new "wainbow headban" for her doll!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a week!

Sheesh! This week has been nutso!
Starting with a labor day pool party. Soo fun! 

throw in 2 nights of cheer practice, meet the teacher night, and a pep rally to kick off the start of football season! 

Add in 3 orders to do and it makes for a busy busy week! 
I can't wait for next week! So far I have done awesome this school year with waking up at 6 every morning to get the girls up and ready for school. Seventh grade has been a new time of hair washing and drying and straightening every day. This coming from 6th grade where she didn't even want to wash it every day. She has really grown up this year. Hopefully we can keep it up. 

And I have been exercising  every morning. (well almost). A group of friends and I meet at the local park to walk roughly a mile each morning. then the kiddos get to play together for a bit. 
Not much time for Stash busting this week hopefully next week will be better. (but probably not) LOL My mom is have surgery on Monday so prayers are appreciated.Then she will be home for several weeks of rehab. 

I am ready to start this busy weekend Everyone enjoy your day! 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Made it!

We made it through the first week of school!!
Mom please no more pictures!
 From 4th grade drop off
We are ready to do this! Here we come!
 To 7th grade drop offs!
After school cupcakes to end the day!
 Kevin was on Vacation for the first 3 days of school so he was energetic and surprised the girls with cupcakes!
Awesome first day!
 Fun times on the way home
Aww bye Daddy!
Then on Thursday was another first day. Kevin start at a new store on Thursday. It was something we have been praying would happen for awhile now. It is much closer to home so will save us quite a bit on gas. :)

Then on Friday Reace got sick. Strep. :( 

When my mom and I went shopping  Saturday we spotted this photo box. Reace is obsessed with all things mustache. No one knows why but she is.  It was the perfect thing to cheer her up!

 She decided she needed a ribbon to hold it closed. We measured around the box. and sewed velcro on to the overlapping ends then made a bow and Hot glued it on the top and added a small button with her name on it. She loves it. :)