Thursday, January 5, 2012


I didn't actually accomplish too much today so I decided to throw a random Christmas picture in. I did make all the girls outfits they wore to see Santa. Love Bass Pro. Of course we went at 1:00 and ended up with a ticket for the 7pm time slot, but we got there just before 7 and were done not long after.

I was working on Kaylyn some pants and taped a few other patterns together in preparation for working but only sewed one pair of pants for Paige I already had cut out. I did stay off the computer. The day just kinda slid by before I knew what was going on.

We are saying Goodbye to the Pool table tomorrow. The new owners are coming to pick it up. A little sad to see it go, Kevin and I bought it when I was pregnant with Kaylyn over 11 years ago.  It has held up very well. we just don't have room for it and the Craft room. Well even then you would have to you a 2 foot cue with the space it is now limited to. One day there will be space again.

Well after Mom and I work our way through all this Fabric and ribbon and beads and whatever else tickles our Fancy. ;-)

My Mom made a Resolution to Blog more and then I made it mine. So it has become a challenge. lol Now it going to be fun to see who can keep it up the longest. (we are not known for our longevity, a bit of ADD in this house. Although we prefer the term sanguine)
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Grandmommy said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out. You go gurl. (Feeling quirky today).hehe

marythemind said...

Autumn, I enjoy reading your Blog! I'm so happy you are posting more often! Love, Mary and John Rhodes