Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay I mean it, 2012 is going to be MY year to Blog. So much changes so fast it is nice to go back and see what has happened.

We had a great Christmas. All three girls got what they wanted

And My Mom got her Christmas wish, My sister and her family came to visit from Kansas and they got to stay for the whole week. They drove down on Christmas day and didn't have to drive back till New Years Day

We had fun and were sad to see them go home but are looking forward to the summer when someone makes the drive to see each other again. And we always have Facebook Sykpe! LOL We do lots of video chats during the week so no one ever seems that far away.

Looking forward to the new year and the 4 birthdays this month brings. My oldest is turning 11 and my youngest 2 this month. My Brother and my Hubby also have birthdays but hey, we know it all about the kids now. ;-)

Looking forward to typing a quick note a day to keep the year in perspective.

Maybe by next Christmas I can get a Santa pic with a smiling Paige.

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Grandmommy said...

Yay, can't wait to read your blog every day. And I did get what I wanted, a exercise bike AND the kids coming in from Kansas.
Love Mom