Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow I am a bad blogger

Wow! I am really bad at blogging. It has been 2 months since I have written anything. I am now HUGE!! and getting bigger every day. I have only gained 10 lbs so far though, but i did fail my 1 hr glucose teat last week so I go in the morning for the dreaded three hour one. I am eating my last food since it is still before midnight as I type this. Then I have to fast till after I am done with the test tomorrow afternoon. Bummer.

Other than that everything seems to be sailing along. Girls are doing good in school, No flu issues so far (knock on wood and pray hard), and they have both gone on a field trip. Reace went to a pumpkin patch and her Daddy and I both tagged along. It was fun she got to milk a cow and touched it's "gudder". LOL Kaylyn went to the local high school which has a planetarium. She loved it. She came home and told us all about the stars and planets.

I will try and get some pics up but nobody hold your breath since I obviously have forgotten my blog site LOL.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Alrighty Then

It has been awhile since I have updated this. Summer was a long endless round of nausea and sleeping. My grandmother has a TIA (mini stroke) so she was recuperating here, and my mom had her second reconstructive surgery. I was going to take care of them but ended up sleeping most of the time. I finally got to the doctor in August. I was already 16 weeks pregnant. but that is a ok with me makes the second half go by so much quicker. ;) I go back for my 20 week sono in just a week so soon I will know what I am having. They just couldn't tell with this one.

We then got two new puppies. Super cute little wienie dogs. A long hair male and a short hair female. But at only 6 weeks old they do not sleep thru the night. Yippee. Mommy has to get up with them at 3 am to let them out. Lucky for me my dad is an early riser and usually lets them out at 5 so then they are pretty good till I get up at 7 to get the girls ready for school. Which started today so I sent my baby off to Kindergarten. We took her to her class and then she told us to "just go". She wouldn't even kiss me bye. I like to think she was trying so hard to cry she sent us away. lol My third grader was so excited she got up at 5 am. Then she was so cranky tonight I almost sent her to bed at 7 pm. She loves school and can't wait. It won't last all year but I will enjoy it while I can.

I have been so busy sewing and embroidering I am fixing to have to take my machines in for maintenance. Not to mention my computer hard drive was fried this morning when I went to boot up my computer nothing. but it is getting fixed as we speak ( I had to hijack my Mom's computer for this blog.) now it is off to bed for me. Puppies and kiddos want attention way too early in the morning.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I found out last week I am pregnant! Not Planned not expected. Will be very loved as soon as I get past morning sickness and extreme exhaustion. Remembering now why wasn't planning on any more. LOL. DH keeps asking if I'm alright, Uh NO! but since he can't do anything about it oh well! One day at a time and all will be well

Monday, May 25, 2009

Guess what!

It has been a busy week at my house. My Etsy is rolling right along with a new custom order almost daily, then on Wednesday I get a call from my brother to get up to my mom's work right away. No big deal you think. Wrong! He is suppose to be in Iraq. He didn't tell us he was on his way home for leave just his then girlfriend (now fiance he got engaged while on leave this week.) so she could pick him up from the airport. So we all went to lunch. On thursday we met my Nanny for lunch so she could see him. Friday we went to my nephews t-ball game and out to eat afterward. Saturday was a out to eat then a play at the community college.(which was wonderful.) Then sunday was my sisters birthday and we went to lunch again. Then the park to play t-ball then Dairy Queen for a Ice Cream Cake. No wonder I have gained 4 pounds this week. Eating out almost everyday. I am going to have to do better or I am going to be sorry. LOL. I have to finishup all these orders I have taken. So Bubba is on his own this week. He goes back the 4th of June and we will miss him again but for now I am going to work!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went to read my blog and wondered how anybody could. It was bad. I adjusted to font and size now it is much better. Somebody should have complained. LOL

Now on Twitter

Okay I went to see what Twitter was all about and I joined. I may not be any better at it than I am at blogging but hey it is kinda fun. LOL Check me out autumnsalley. Hopefully I will figure out the computer things soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

School is almost over!!

Another year has gone by. My little girl will be in third grade and my baby starts kindergarten this fall. Amazing. Tonight I have a PTA meeting and the new board will be voted on. Since cheer leading ended I haven't had my Spirit mom duties. Pretty soon I am going to be bored. NOT!!! With business picking up and the kids home for the summer I doubt I will ever be bored. but it's fun to think about.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know I am a horrible Blogger

I never can remember to get over here to write a quick note or post some pics of what we have been up to. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Mothers Day. We did. My whole family got together and went to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday. It is beautiful.

I think I included a pic of everyone that got to go with us except my BIL apparently he completely avoided my camera.

The only ones missing were my brother and his girlfriend. But he is in Iraq and she had classes so I guess they had a good excuse.

My brother did remember to send my mom and his girlfriend's mom flowers. 1-800-FLOWERS takes orders from anywhere. We have been blessed that he has access to the Internet and phones. We hear from him every few days so we don't worry too much. After the walk through the flowers we all went out to eat at Chili's. A great day all in all. Sunday after church we got Subway sandwiches and went down to the park for a picnic. The weather was nice and the kids had a blast. I have some orders to fill this week so hopefully I can get some more pics posted. We have been adding to our Etsy site almost daily so there are a few new pics of what I have been up to. Enjoy your week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Fair Week Is Done!!!

Man why oh why do I insist on being the book fair chairperson!!! Of course because I love books and I love my daughter. It just takes up sooo much time. But it is done. and while I was there I got more orders from teachers needing embroidery. lol. so I squeezed in two shirts for a baseball mom and of course I forgot to take pictures, but I did remember to take pics of the outfit for my daughters former teacher. It is too cute. She came up with the saying I just did the stitching. The fonts are the #355 Zebra filled font

and the #147 Curlyque from AKDesigns Boutique. Angie has alot of great fonts in different sizes you can use for just about every item imaginable. Back to my machines I have more dolls to make and some Koozes to finish. Enjoy your day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cool did you know you could post from you cell phone. Now I can post all the time!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1st order done

Yeah! I got my first order done. I made a Kimberbell doll with two outfits for one of my mom's coworkers. If you haven't tried this pattern yet it is great. Super easy and fun. The Queen of hearts outfit and Gift giving outfit is great to. I sold this one for $45 for the set. I am trying to raise money for my daughters cheerleading. Everylittle bit helps since I am a Stay at home mom.

Monday, April 13, 2009

What I have been up to!!

Last week we had a silent Auction for my daughter's school. I hate to call businesses and ask for donations. And each PTA board member is required to bring 10 donated items. Sooo I just make things to donate. I took a bow board for hair bows, a bulletin board that said Jacks which is the peewee team for this area, a towel set that had a football player and a cheerleader that said Jacks (that I embroidered my self, okay the machine did but hey) two Kimberbell dolls one light skinned and one darker skinned each with two outfits, a crocheted bag and blanket with a little doll, a chili pot gift set, and a wheat sack and sleep mask gift set, a size 18 month outfit with a t shirt bloomers and tutu, and a baby bouquet. Plus my mom made a bracelet and two bead people necklaces. Unfortunately not all my things got bids, but we raised over $1000 with all the other things that were sold over the course of the evening. And wouldn't you know I ended up getting 5 or 6 orders from people who saw the things I had made. I had pretty much decided I couldn't keep trying to run my business and I get new orders. Yeah!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Can Quilt This

Okay my favorite sites YCMT and SWAK have started a new site You Can Quilt This. Right now they have a contest to win a new quilting sewing machine. Go to their blog for complete details. Kim and Kris and the gang are awesome. You will definately want to be a part of this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just checking in

Okay I know it has been like , FOREVER, since I have posted anything. I got over the flu but kinda lost my urge to create. I have done some but not as much as usual. Then we all got sick again. Now we are back to feeling better and it is Spring Break. Not that we have done much but just hang out with my kiddos. We have gone outside everyday for our daily dose of Vitamin D. Luckily the sun was out and the weather nice for Spring Break. Hopefully I can get some pics up tomorrow. We are trying to get the craft room cleaned up some so it is easier for me to create. lol. I am going to try to get some items together for our PTA's silent auction next month. We will see how much I get done for that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am almost back

I have been down with the flu since last Wednesday. I still have the cough but I am about ready to get back to sewing. Keep watching for pictures later this week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I love these and you could win the pattern Just follow the link to find out how to win a copy of this ebook. I want to try it out but I am still waiting on purchasing it. I am hoping she can come up with unicorn and dragon designs. LOL

Hey this is cool!!

You could win a Victoria Secret gift card. Just click this link to check it out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's her birthday!!

My baby turned 8 today. I can't believe it. But it is true at 11:20 pm eight years ago today I had my first baby a little girl. She is so grown up. we had a party for her yesterday at Buildabear. It was great she took to friends and then her sister and cousins. Then we went to the Nestle Toll house Cafe. for a cookie cake. No fuss and no mess to clean up afterward. Awesome. I made her a super cute skirt and top to wear so she would have a special birthday outfit. It was pretty rockin if I do say so my self.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, The red spots on her legs are fading. Today I notice a couple of new ones but none as major as the ones on Tuesday. BUT it has been a very busy weekend. Thursday my little one Reace started to run a fever. Since we had been to the doctor twice this week and she didn't seem to have any other symptoms I gave it a day. ack! on Friday it went up to 102 so I took her in. Just a virus. No Strep no ear infection. Just a random virus. Yeah. Have I mentioned that Friday night was Kaylyn's pep squads lock-in. At my Church. And I am the Spirit mom. and I hadn't finished the end of year gifts. YEAH!!! Okay. I rushed home finished the picture frames and Embroidered bags I made for all 22 girls. Sent my parents up to the church to get it open for the girls but forgot to give them the check. DUH. Well the delivery guy was nice enough to leave the pizzas while he made the other deliveries and come back for the check. the girls start getting dropped off and I begin to realize no one is planning on staying the night but ME!! NOT GOOD. The girls are going nuts, the bows haven't been glued on the frames, one mom left her 4 year old son as well as the 8 year old cheerleader, and I just realized Kaylyn is breaking out in hives again. We ended up having to call all the parents to pick up their daughters at 11:00. I think they had fun though. One girl brought her Karaoke and they sang Hannah Montana, HSM, and Camp Rock songs. Then watched a movie till the parents came. Not quite the party I had planned but not too bad. But that was my Friday. Saturday wasn't bad and Sunday will surely be better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of course....

On Tuesday my daughter comes home from school covered in a red rash all over her legs. I freak out and rush her to her doctor. Turns out she has an ear infection and HSP. It has this long name I never remember but it is a form of vasculitis. the capillaries in her legs are swelling and hemorrhaging. That isn't even the bad part. It can also effect her kidneys and intestines. It causes High blood pressure and arthritis in the hips knees and ankles. Right now her ankles are swollen and hurting along with the rash. So far though that has been the worst of her symptoms. Her kidneys have been fine. Then she had blood drawn yesterday and broke out in hives. So back to the doctor we go. I can't take much more, not to mention my wallet with the doctors visits. So she is home this week and hopefully will be back to school on Monday, well Tuesday, they have Monday off.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Scrap Quilt??? I can do it!!!

I decided I would sew along with Kim on the YCMT blog and make a scrap quilt. Today when she posted the instructions for step three I realized I had better get started if I was going to finish at the same time. So today I sat down and spent the day cutting, sewing, and ironing but I did it I am ready for step 4. Now to wait......

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's a hit!!

I got three presents made before the party on Saturday and My Daughter's friend loved all of them. Well he loved the pillow with his name on it and the blanket with his name on it the pj's were okay. but he will enjoy them I'm sure. It was all so easy to put together. I used the Kimberbell font + pillow instruction from SWAK to make the pillow. and then used the same font to embroider his name onto the fleece for the blanket. My daughter and her best friend tied all the edges to finish the blanket. Super cute. I used the easy fit pant instructions to make the pj bottoms and a plain green tee for the top.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Nailed It!!

Okay of the gifts I got to finish everyone loved them. Unfortunately for some they did not recieve the super cute gift I had planned for them because I ran out of time. I did get to make pj pants using Carla C's pattern for all of my husbands cousins boys the yougest was so cute he is 2 and when I took them out of the bag to hold them up to him he got mad. He told me "My Pajamas. Where the shirt??? " I was so glad they liked them. The older kids seemed to enjoy the I spy bags but I'm not really sure they understood them the oldest is only 7. My girls loved the dolls I made and the worms. I am still trying to get all the pictures loaded on my computer so I can post them. Right now I am working on a birthday present for one of my daughters friends from school. Of course I waited till tonight to make it and the party is tomorow. Oh well I will get something done. LOL