Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Arkansas and the Last Dr Pepper

Fairfield Bay Marina, AR
 We went on vacation last week for Spring Break. We went
 to Fairfield Bay, AR. 
We fed the fish in the Marina. Played some Mini Golf.
Made bows every night. The only craft I took. I couldn't take the sewing machines . ( They wouldn't let me). 

Making the Bows go Mama

I went through 200 clippies. They aren't all on bows yet. but they will be. 

All the Bows
Clippies for bows
We went up to Mountain View, AR and up to the Blansard Springs Caverns. So pretty! Amazing what is under the ground and you don't even know.
Blanshard Caverns, Fifty-six, AR
 Which brings me to the Friday before we left and I decided to go on the 8/10 of a mike nature hike with my Dad, Kaylyn and Reace. Which turned in to a longer hike after they decided to go off trail to get a closer look at the falls. but that wasn't the bad part. It was when we got back and I looked at the photos of me.

The hike
SOOOOO BBBAAADDDD!!!!!! Which led me to a realization that I really need a lifestyle change. So after a chat with my Brother in law  (who is a personal trainer in the D.C. area and was just asking about his nieces when I unloaded on him LOL Poor Chris) has led me to this........

the last Dr Pepper

Not sure I can but I am going to try my hardest to be good. and I will post a picture each week to watch the shrinkage. LOL Next week will be another new change to step up the lifestyle changes and increase my new healthy lifestyle. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Way to go Kaylyn!

Kaylyn had her first basketball games of the season this weekend. She cheered at 2 and played in one. Her Daddy took her to the cheer games I had the other two girls. Then we meet them at the Girls Basketball game she played in. It was awesome her team didn't win but they played hard. Kaylyn scored the only two points for her team. AWESOME! Her first basket in a game ever! They managed to hold the other team for the first half but being it was the first game they got tired in the second half.

Kaylyn, Kevin(her daddy) and Cameron(her uncle,my brother) went paint balling Sunday to celebrate their birthdays. They all have birthdays in January.  Cam has 2 bruises, Kevin has 2, and Kaylyn has 4. But they all want to go back.

Reace does not like Bball games. Whistles, Buzzers, and just gyms in general are too loud for her. She decided to go to lunch and shopping with my Nanny and my cousin. They also went shopping so she had a new pair of earring and BFF bracelets when I got home. She had a great time so all were happy.

We are once again in the process of redoing the craft room. This time we will get it right. As we sell off furniture we can't use we hit Ikea and get the right stuff to get us organized and help us create a more functional room for Crafting. Hopefully we can get it right soon!   Check back for more updates!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My kids, My day.....

So sometimes I am just not sure what to say on here. I finished Paige's dress. Yay for me but is it really blog worthy. (Of course I will post pictures later when she wears it ) I got in a fight with Kaylyn. Not really news since lately it is an almost daily occurrence.  She is at that age where she is testing boundaries and driving me crazy in the process. I love being a Stay at home most days but some days............

The other day I told the girls I was just going to drop them off at the daycare and see them later. Kaylyn told me I would be arrested for putting my kids in daycare and not actually going to a job. I told her they didn't care where I went as long as I gave them money! LOL

Good days and rough days I love the little boogers. Kaylyn with the attitude (but need to make you laugh) , Reace with her sweetness (and sometimes whiny) Paige with her devilish grin ( and just pure devil. )

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My babies are growing up!

I spent the night at the meeting for Brandenburg Middle School. It is the Classical Center so you have to be invited.  In just a few short months she will Graduate from Elementary school. In three weeks she is turning 11. Time just flies by. She already thinks she is bigger than she is. She had so much fun tonight walking through the school. To get in she has to apply and be chosen. They sent out around 4000 invites. I am just praying for God to put her in the school that is right for her.

 Next week My baby turns 2! I am working on her a Minnie mouse dress to take pictures in. Just another day in the life of a mommy. In a few short years she will be in Elementary school. If she makes it! Just caught her sticking things in the outlet AGAIN!! She is a 24-hr-a-day-stare-at-her-only job! The other two were angels compared to her!

My sister made the cutest hat for my nephew today it is a fleece cap with a fleece mohawk. Super cute. We are just a crafty bunch around here! ;-)  Hopefully I can post so pics tomorrow!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Ok I know her face is sooo dirty but I couldn't resist her cuteness in this pic. As soon as I pull out the camera she runs up and yells CHEESE! I rarely actually get the smile though, by the time I can hit the button she is trying to see the picture on the back. (Digital pictures are so much more fun than stinky old film!) Remember the days of having to wait and agonize over if you got at least one "good" shot.
Now I can take pictures of dinner and post the same day!

Well actually this was last nights dinner. I found it on Pintrest!  I have totally spaced on who pinned it first but if you are reading this THANK YOU!! It is Chicken Enchilada Puffs by Tidy Mom
So good and Easy. Ok so my girls won't eat them but normal kids might!

That cookie scoop works perfectly for filling the crescent rolls.

And Voila Yummy deliciousness! Even good the next day reheated for lunch. My crowning glory of the weekend! LOL All the rest was good too.
We are getting ready for  the Children's play at church and practiced Sunday afternoon after church but I am saving that for closer to the play.

Paige story of the day: I told Mom last night I have to start hiding my purse because Paige dumps it out. Well today I thought she was watching cartoons when I went to check on her she hide pulled the tiny rubber bands for her hair out of my purse and dumped all 500 color sorted bands out of their nice, hard for me to open, container into one big pile! Yes I sat and sorted them back out. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Awards Day!

Well no crafting today. It was a Mommy day. It was Awards day up at the school. Both my girls did awesome.
Kaylyn got  A/B Honor Roll and Reace got A. They are reading more and kay took 3 AR test yesterday and Reace took 2 today! On a roll Baby!

Pool Table was taken away today. I am sure the new owner will enjoy it, I am enjoying the space it left. Well I have already filled it with a REAL cutting table. Awesome to more backaches when cutting out patterns. but that took most of the day.

Nanny had a hair appt today. She enjoys having her hair done. She did good walking in and out of the Salon. She still gets tired and seems more forgetful than she was but overall is doing well.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I didn't actually accomplish too much today so I decided to throw a random Christmas picture in. I did make all the girls outfits they wore to see Santa. Love Bass Pro. Of course we went at 1:00 and ended up with a ticket for the 7pm time slot, but we got there just before 7 and were done not long after.

I was working on Kaylyn some pants and taped a few other patterns together in preparation for working but only sewed one pair of pants for Paige I already had cut out. I did stay off the computer. The day just kinda slid by before I knew what was going on.

We are saying Goodbye to the Pool table tomorrow. The new owners are coming to pick it up. A little sad to see it go, Kevin and I bought it when I was pregnant with Kaylyn over 11 years ago.  It has held up very well. we just don't have room for it and the Craft room. Well even then you would have to you a 2 foot cue with the space it is now limited to. One day there will be space again.

Well after Mom and I work our way through all this Fabric and ribbon and beads and whatever else tickles our Fancy. ;-)

My Mom made a Resolution to Blog more and then I made it mine. So it has become a challenge. lol Now it going to be fun to see who can keep it up the longest. (we are not known for our longevity, a bit of ADD in this house. Although we prefer the term sanguine)
Be sure to check out her Blog Grandmommy's Gems

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outfits and a Birthday!

Still rocking and rolling in 2012 but I didn't get my exercise in today. I spent too much time trying to get my eReader to connect so I could load the new book I bought. Book not loaded so no reading and riding. Only downfall of using technology over a actual paperback!

Here is the pic of the outfit I made for Reace yesterday. She wore it to school today and I forgot to take a picture of it on her. Of course now it has chocolate on the sleeve where she used it for a napkin.
I did make Paige a pair of fur lined boots today. Using alot of patterns I have bought and fabric that is taking up precious space in the house.

And now she has lost one so again she is down to one shoe AGAIN! but they were cute on her. A little small though so I am going to try and enlarge the pattern and try again tomorrow.

 Here is the Twirl skirt I made for Reace. Love the fabric. Tomorrow I am working on some stuff for Kaylyn. I bought some cute fabric with her name on it.

Today is my little brother's birthday! He turned 28! This is all we have seen of him. He walked through as he was leaving for work and won't be home till 3 am. Then he will sleep again. We will see him his next day off and maybe celebrate. If he is lucky!! LOL

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am on a roll!

Day 2 and I am blogging again. Actually I had a pretty productive day. Kids went back to school and I stuck to a schedule of sorts. Working this morning and doing the Mommy stuff e.i. dishing and laundry and cooking after the kids got home from school.  Stayed off Facebook for the majority of the day (that is the hardest part for me) and only played my computer game while eating lunch. YAY!

I even did 25 minutes on Mom's new spin bike thing! Got a little bored doing that though I wasn't going anywhere and my eReader is refusing to hook up to the internet. I am going to need a new book if I am going to just sit in one place.

I made Reace a new outfit and a new skirt today. And cut out a pair of pants for Paige.  Love the Easy fit pants  By Carla Crim. Super easy and fast!  LOVE IT!!

Hopefully I can add pics tomorrow!

Fun Paige story of the day

While I was doing laundry I heard her banging around in the bathroom when I went to get on to her I found her emptying her potty in the toliet then flushing it. So I went back to the laundry. Then I here the shower coming on run back and she had turned on the shower and was rinsing the potty and dumping it in the toilet. then brushed off her hands. Hard to get on to her for cleaning. ;-)

Such a smart baby for not even 2!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay I mean it, 2012 is going to be MY year to Blog. So much changes so fast it is nice to go back and see what has happened.

We had a great Christmas. All three girls got what they wanted

And My Mom got her Christmas wish, My sister and her family came to visit from Kansas and they got to stay for the whole week. They drove down on Christmas day and didn't have to drive back till New Years Day

We had fun and were sad to see them go home but are looking forward to the summer when someone makes the drive to see each other again. And we always have Facebook Sykpe! LOL We do lots of video chats during the week so no one ever seems that far away.

Looking forward to the new year and the 4 birthdays this month brings. My oldest is turning 11 and my youngest 2 this month. My Brother and my Hubby also have birthdays but hey, we know it all about the kids now. ;-)

Looking forward to typing a quick note a day to keep the year in perspective.

Maybe by next Christmas I can get a Santa pic with a smiling Paige.