Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I am on a roll!

Day 2 and I am blogging again. Actually I had a pretty productive day. Kids went back to school and I stuck to a schedule of sorts. Working this morning and doing the Mommy stuff e.i. dishing and laundry and cooking after the kids got home from school.  Stayed off Facebook for the majority of the day (that is the hardest part for me) and only played my computer game while eating lunch. YAY!

I even did 25 minutes on Mom's new spin bike thing! Got a little bored doing that though I wasn't going anywhere and my eReader is refusing to hook up to the internet. I am going to need a new book if I am going to just sit in one place.

I made Reace a new outfit and a new skirt today. And cut out a pair of pants for Paige.  Love the Easy fit pants  By Carla Crim. Super easy and fast!  LOVE IT!!

Hopefully I can add pics tomorrow!

Fun Paige story of the day

While I was doing laundry I heard her banging around in the bathroom when I went to get on to her I found her emptying her potty in the toliet then flushing it. So I went back to the laundry. Then I here the shower coming on run back and she had turned on the shower and was rinsing the potty and dumping it in the toilet. then brushed off her hands. Hard to get on to her for cleaning. ;-)

Such a smart baby for not even 2!

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