Thursday, May 20, 2010

Paigie Poo and a Clean Craft Room

Yesterday my youngest princess celebrated her 4 month birthday!! She is a chunky little cutie.

I have been busy cleaning up the craft room so my mom and I have room to actually create new things. A little hard with a baby but we are getting there. Yesterday cleaned out 6 tubs of fabric. I still have around 12 tubs left. I think I like to shop a little too much. My mom and I have decided we have to let go of excess supplies. Right now the plan is to list lots on ebay or facebook. There will be fabric and beads right now, but we are going through the whole room. Everything is quite messy right now. Hopefully we will have it all cleaned quickly. We have an awesome friend helping us. Without her we would probably be hoarding stuff till Jesus comes back!! But right now I am in the zone. If I think it is pretty (which allot of it is) but I don't have immediate plans for it, IT IS GONE!!!! I mean really what was I going to do with 50 bandannas??? A whole bucket of Flip flops?? I have turned over a new leaf. No more overbuying! Thrifty and Smart are my new mottoes! I only buy enough for one project at a time and I finish it before I start something new! I can do this!! I will post pictures of the new CLEAN room when its done. Here is a before picture just to give you an idea how bad it was Not the best picture but messy.

Our progress so far, well My progress. I didn't want to take a picture of mom's side yet. I will wait till she is here. Or just let her show off her side.

Here is an idea of all the fabric we are letting go of. But this is just the first wave so I will probably go through it again today and pull out more.

If you are interested in fabric keep watching or follow me on facebook I will hopefully get to start posting by Friday!