Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Crazy Busy Life

Okay I know I am a horrible Blogger! I don't know if anyone actually bother to read this but that's okay too! So much has happened since I blogged last. I am now PTA president this year and a 70/30 caregiving for my Grandmother. It is going to be a busy year. My Nanny ( as the grand kids call her) has had some health issues concerning her Blood pressure. But then they found pre-cancerous polyps in her colon sooo they went in to burn them off. All went well until a week later and a scab fell off exposing blood vessels which led to her almost bleeding out. Luckily they went in with an emergency colonoscopy and burned the vessels which was great, but then she developed orthostatic hypo tension. Which means when she stands her blood pressure dropped rapidly causing her to black out. Blood pressure issues led to TIAs (mini strokes) Which led to more hospital time. She is currently in rehab and will be back at the house soon. but she can't stay by herself which is where I come in! So now I have three kids, a grandmother, dinner for 9 nightly, laundry for 5, cleaning (as if), and oh yeah did I mention PTA president! like I said Crazy busy year!