Friday, January 6, 2012

Awards Day!

Well no crafting today. It was a Mommy day. It was Awards day up at the school. Both my girls did awesome.
Kaylyn got  A/B Honor Roll and Reace got A. They are reading more and kay took 3 AR test yesterday and Reace took 2 today! On a roll Baby!

Pool Table was taken away today. I am sure the new owner will enjoy it, I am enjoying the space it left. Well I have already filled it with a REAL cutting table. Awesome to more backaches when cutting out patterns. but that took most of the day.

Nanny had a hair appt today. She enjoys having her hair done. She did good walking in and out of the Salon. She still gets tired and seems more forgetful than she was but overall is doing well.

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Grandmommy said...

Mommy days are more important than crafting days. That's what it's all about.