Monday, January 9, 2012


Ok I know her face is sooo dirty but I couldn't resist her cuteness in this pic. As soon as I pull out the camera she runs up and yells CHEESE! I rarely actually get the smile though, by the time I can hit the button she is trying to see the picture on the back. (Digital pictures are so much more fun than stinky old film!) Remember the days of having to wait and agonize over if you got at least one "good" shot.
Now I can take pictures of dinner and post the same day!

Well actually this was last nights dinner. I found it on Pintrest!  I have totally spaced on who pinned it first but if you are reading this THANK YOU!! It is Chicken Enchilada Puffs by Tidy Mom
So good and Easy. Ok so my girls won't eat them but normal kids might!

That cookie scoop works perfectly for filling the crescent rolls.

And Voila Yummy deliciousness! Even good the next day reheated for lunch. My crowning glory of the weekend! LOL All the rest was good too.
We are getting ready for  the Children's play at church and practiced Sunday afternoon after church but I am saving that for closer to the play.

Paige story of the day: I told Mom last night I have to start hiding my purse because Paige dumps it out. Well today I thought she was watching cartoons when I went to check on her she hide pulled the tiny rubber bands for her hair out of my purse and dumped all 500 color sorted bands out of their nice, hard for me to open, container into one big pile! Yes I sat and sorted them back out. 

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