Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, The red spots on her legs are fading. Today I notice a couple of new ones but none as major as the ones on Tuesday. BUT it has been a very busy weekend. Thursday my little one Reace started to run a fever. Since we had been to the doctor twice this week and she didn't seem to have any other symptoms I gave it a day. ack! on Friday it went up to 102 so I took her in. Just a virus. No Strep no ear infection. Just a random virus. Yeah. Have I mentioned that Friday night was Kaylyn's pep squads lock-in. At my Church. And I am the Spirit mom. and I hadn't finished the end of year gifts. YEAH!!! Okay. I rushed home finished the picture frames and Embroidered bags I made for all 22 girls. Sent my parents up to the church to get it open for the girls but forgot to give them the check. DUH. Well the delivery guy was nice enough to leave the pizzas while he made the other deliveries and come back for the check. the girls start getting dropped off and I begin to realize no one is planning on staying the night but ME!! NOT GOOD. The girls are going nuts, the bows haven't been glued on the frames, one mom left her 4 year old son as well as the 8 year old cheerleader, and I just realized Kaylyn is breaking out in hives again. We ended up having to call all the parents to pick up their daughters at 11:00. I think they had fun though. One girl brought her Karaoke and they sang Hannah Montana, HSM, and Camp Rock songs. Then watched a movie till the parents came. Not quite the party I had planned but not too bad. But that was my Friday. Saturday wasn't bad and Sunday will surely be better.

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Dragon's Dolphin said...

Aren't events like that always nice? Next time you plan one of these, make sure you have a couple other moms signed up to stay WITH you. So sorry the hives are back again. Girl, I don't miss those days of being at the doctor's office what seems everyday with one kid or another! I'm so glad they're "all grown up". Yeah right! NOT! 20 yrs old is NOT all grown up--although my girls think they are!
Have a great Sunday!