Friday, January 2, 2009

Nailed It!!

Okay of the gifts I got to finish everyone loved them. Unfortunately for some they did not recieve the super cute gift I had planned for them because I ran out of time. I did get to make pj pants using Carla C's pattern for all of my husbands cousins boys the yougest was so cute he is 2 and when I took them out of the bag to hold them up to him he got mad. He told me "My Pajamas. Where the shirt??? " I was so glad they liked them. The older kids seemed to enjoy the I spy bags but I'm not really sure they understood them the oldest is only 7. My girls loved the dolls I made and the worms. I am still trying to get all the pictures loaded on my computer so I can post them. Right now I am working on a birthday present for one of my daughters friends from school. Of course I waited till tonight to make it and the party is tomorow. Oh well I will get something done. LOL

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Dawn said...

Glad everyone liked the presents. You sound like me-my dd just had a bday party and I waited until the morning of the party to make the gift-I did a tshirt with a applique initial and 2 headbands-the bday girl loved it.