Monday, October 26, 2009

Wow I am a bad blogger

Wow! I am really bad at blogging. It has been 2 months since I have written anything. I am now HUGE!! and getting bigger every day. I have only gained 10 lbs so far though, but i did fail my 1 hr glucose teat last week so I go in the morning for the dreaded three hour one. I am eating my last food since it is still before midnight as I type this. Then I have to fast till after I am done with the test tomorrow afternoon. Bummer.

Other than that everything seems to be sailing along. Girls are doing good in school, No flu issues so far (knock on wood and pray hard), and they have both gone on a field trip. Reace went to a pumpkin patch and her Daddy and I both tagged along. It was fun she got to milk a cow and touched it's "gudder". LOL Kaylyn went to the local high school which has a planetarium. She loved it. She came home and told us all about the stars and planets.

I will try and get some pics up but nobody hold your breath since I obviously have forgotten my blog site LOL.

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