Thursday, September 18, 2014

and another year goes by

I always plan to blog and then can't think of a thing to say. :) Today it is just a collections of things My Princess and I have been doing since here big sisters returned to school
Cloud Dough.
Today we made  Cloud Dough form a recipes we found on a blog. Now I don't even know which blog I saw it on first but it was super easy. I used 7 cups of Flour, 1 cup of baby oil, 2 sticks of ground up sidewalk chalk to add some color, and some blue glitter (because everything is better with glitter) mix it all up and put it in a box for her to play with.

She started Dance

LOTS of Selfies
I made her a new dress

Arboretum with friends!

Post it girl!
Lots of selfies together
 We have done 7 letters so far!

Putting her letters in the jar

Letter Z day

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