Friday, September 13, 2013

A horrible hilarious thing that happened today!

I told the big girls ( as I call K and her friend)  I would take them to the Grand opening of five below today! Ok truthfully I just love that store and used the excuse of taking them so I could go back with out seeming obsessed. LOL

I being nice invited Kevin to go with us. He being obsessed with the state of my van climbed into the back to clean it out while we waited on the girls.

The jump in as Kaylyn is opening the sliding door he screams 'Boo!" LOL It was so funny. (Yes we are the mean parents)  L (Kaylyn's friend) climbs in the front and closes the door. ( She gets the front seat in the afternoons. (Kaylyn has it in the mornings) We have a system. Kaylyn calmly says "L, open the door my hand is inside."

Kaylyn had grabbed the door frame to get in and L not realizing it shut the door. I start snapping and saying "open the door, Open the door" the door opens Kaylyn takes her hand flips it over looks at both side and just shrugs her shoulders and gets in! The door shut across the middle of her hand and only one finger is a tiny bit bruised.

So we are all laughing because Kay isn't hurt and is just so calm! It was greatness.
cute baskets and trash cans

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